👉🏻👉🏻Short play Beach Break airs on UK radio later today. London’s number one art station @resonancefm 104.4 FM, 10pm performed by @annatempte @joannapickering produced by Bad Punk Show @_johny_brown_ @ingatillere @jezzharkin (who removed cursing thank you) Tim Lalonde @lalonde1779 First performed for my theater @theprimitivegrace #duende #series directed by @luke_edward_smith @screen_craft stageplay official selection and Hbo’s @ITV fest top five podcast. Gorgeous artwork by @_johny_brown_ 📻💜 . #radio #play #stagecraft #finalist #hbo #itvfest #official #selection #resonancefm #art #theater #uk #writer #actress #london #broadcast #badpunk
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screen_craft profile picture
screen_craft   9 months ago
madelinestephensonfilm profile picture
madelinestephensonfilm   9 months ago
Beach Break is a harrowing and emotional show. I hope everyone gets to listen @joannapickering !
grant.lucie profile picture
grant.lucie   9 months ago
Awesome! Well done JP! Great work x
sarahdelislewells profile picture
sarahdelislewells   9 months ago
I absolutely loved it! I didn’t want it to end! It reminded me of Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls on drugs! - ugh, it was gorgeous!!
jezzharkin profile picture
jezzharkin   9 months ago
I would have brought you jam. X
bakerpr profile picture
bakerpr   9 months ago
Brilliant twist! Very proud of you Aunty Jo Jo 😘♥️
ali_dalli profile picture
ali_dalli   9 months ago
Who saw that coming?!!!!!!!! Love the end!! It needs to be a full play with the same ending...❤️
paint_facade_london profile picture
paint_facade_london   8 months ago
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